Şirince is the perfect place for nature walks. You can spend a few days hiking around the village without running out of interesting routes.

The area is perfectly safe. People are friendly to outsiders. You can walk through private property without reproach; if caught, you will be offered a cup of tea or some freshly picked fruits. The dogs bark, but rarely bother with anything worse. The hilly terrain allows for good orientation, so it is almost impossible to get seriously lost.

There are no marked trails. Our map shows three possible hiking itineraries, categorized as easy, medium and hard. "Hard" means it is a bit long (about 3 hours) and somewhat steep in some parts. You don't need any equipment other than a pair of good shoes. There are some natural springs along the way, but in summer it makes sense to take drinking water along.

Two other superb hiking destinations are recommended in the vicinity:

The National Park
48 kms from Şirince, via Selçuk-Kusadasi-Davutlar-Güzelçamlı. A magnificent natural forest with four spectacular beaches of white pebble. Between the second and the third beach is the start of a hiking path through a leafy gorge called the "Canyon". The park has paid entry, and it shuts at sundown. There are restaurants at the beaches.
Lake Bafa

115 kms from Şirince via Selçuk-Söke-Bafa town. Turn left in Bafa to Kapıkırı, a quiet and scenic village built over the ruins of ancient Heraclia. Have lunch at one of the lakeside restaurants. Walk along the shore to White Beach (2 hours), where there are two ruined 12th century monasteries on islands. Arrange with the restaurant to send a boat to pick you up at the beach. This is probably the most beautiful hiking experience in all Turkey.