Tower house: Tale land

The Tower House is even more whimsical and home-like than the Inn. It has also five rooms. They are vastly larger than the ones at the Inn, and they are more richly (some say eccentrically) furnished. Two rooms have fireplaces. One has a private garden and patio. There's a central courtyard with a splashing fountain in quasi-Moorish style. Angels tumble down from the frescoed ceiling of the communal kitchen. The building has central heating, so it is open all year round.
The Tower House is set immediately behind the Tower, so it faces the beautiful hidden valley behind the village rather than the village itself. There is a steep 200-meter walk up from the Inn, and an easy 150-meter walk to the area of the cottages. The swimming pool is right nearby. It is possible to drive up to Tower House, but we recommend parking lower down, halfway between the Inn and the Tower.
Guests at the Tower House are served breakfast together with the cottages on the Ilyastepe terrace. Alternatively, they can use the in-house kitchen to prepare their own breakfast. They are welcome to pick some fresh thyme or tomatoes at the vegetable gardens which are set behind the house.